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I’m just sitting here trying to adjust to being able to SEE. Wow. I just got my glasses back from Sam’s Club today, and they are definitely stronger than my contacts’ current prescription. I have developed a stigmatism in my left eye, and after wearing my glasses, it’s painfully obvious that I need to switch to special (and more expensive) contacts made especially for my stigmatism. Because my left eye is always a tad bit blurry. But these new lenses – wow, things are crisp & clear!

I was kind of disappointed though when they gave me back my glasses with the grody green nose pieces. I thought for sure they would replace them! So I took them over to Lens Crafters at the mall, and they replaced them free of charge for me :) While waiting for them to do that, I moseyed around a bit…didn’t really find a style that I like better than my current frames. I dread the day when they break (please no!!).

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