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Now here’s a sweepstakes I would love to win.

Heat Got You Beat?

Enter our June giveaway for a chance to win a northern escape to the exquisite Greer Lodge in Greer Ariz. The winner will enjoy a four-night stay in a luxurious riverfront cabin, including meals, for a total value of almost $11,000. You’ll return relaxed, cooled down and ready to face whatever weather comes your way.


Limit one (1) entry per person/household/e-mail address.

2 Responses to “Enter to Win 4-night Stay at Greer Lodge”

  1. stardo says:

    it’s not worth the chance (a very small one) to pay $1000+ in taxes just to get put on mailing list. if it were a cash prize of $11k that might be another story.

  2. admin says:

    Eh, I give out my address everyday. I have no problem with being put on mailing lists. People are too uptight about junk mail (and I actually don’t get very much at all — just your standard credit card apps).

    And you’ve obviously never been to Greer? This place is beautiful. But yes, you’d have to be willing to pay the taxes…

    Plus, it’s a decent source – AZ foothills magazine. Great magazine.

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