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Patterned paper towels annoy me. Cutesy (gag me) flowered paper towels simply do not belong in my kitchen. In fact, I would almost PAY MONEY for the crisp, clean white (the select-a-size mega rolls are the best) rolls. But free is free, and even snobby paper towel users like me can’t pass up free patterned paper towels. Thank you CVS.

2 Responses to “Another CVS haul: Free Paper Towels”

  1. Anonymous says:


    How did you get these free?

  2. admin says:

    Re: ???

    They were on sale for 2/$10…and if you buy $20 worth of P&G products this week, you get $10 ExtraCare bucks back. Plus, I had multiple $5/20 CVS coupons that expired on Sunday. And of course manufacturer’s coupons for $0.25 each (Bounty coupons are so piddly). So I did multiple orders to maximize my savings (using free or moneymaking fillers to round out my orders). Could have done the same thing with Charmin toilet paper, but I am quite stocked up on t.p. at the moment. Of course, it helps to be good looking too ;)

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