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Yesterday was an exciting day. About as exciting as it gets around here. I went to the dermatologist for a growth on my back (presumed to be a mole) that had been bothering me, and was informed that it was not a mole, but some form of keratosis.  He burned it off with a few spritzes of liquid nitrogen – ouch, so cold it burns – and told me that it would blister, scab over, and then eventually peel off. Yummy. Remind me to wear plenty of back revealing shirts in the next week!! Good news though, the rest of my moles are all normal and cancer-free. I keep an eye on all 220,000 of them, so if any were to get out of control I’m pretty sure I would notice.

I went to a brand new hairdresser (my current favorite is on maternity leave, boohoo), recommended by my aesthetician, and she didn’t botch my hair! In fact, I really like the highlights, but the style just isn’t as perfect as my usual gal. She was much cheaper ($30-40 less), which I think is due to her having her own studio and not being part of some larger chain. Plus she was super young (maybe my age, if not younger), and really chatty, so it was a fun experience overall.

Also, after two months of searching, I have finally found a new roommate!!! Woohoo! His name is Michael Peterson, and he came over last night to check the place out and finally meet in person. I have to give props to a friend who recommended roommates.com — the crappy $20 fee that they charge you for 1-month of service is worth it just to finally have found a compatible roommate. My main concern was finding a clean & tidy roommate, after having Aaron and his disgusting filth everywhere. Michael is a sort of hippy, easy going kind of guy, with a desire for extreme cleanliness (yes!!!!!!!!!!!!). He has a REALLY interesting profession – he’s a makeup artist for primarily horror films.  He owns a house in LA, but he’s trying to eventually migrate back to AZ (he’s born and raised in Tucson). He’s worked on quite a few major films, actually – Van Helsing, Passion of the Christ, Pirates of the Caribbean, Beautiful Mind, etc. We had talked over the phone quite a bit, and really seemed to hit it off.   He wants clean (emphasis on clean), laid back roommates with relatively few late night parties (ha), he enjoys cooking (actually, technically, preparing)  food — he eats mostly raw foods, and he likes to camp and hike. Great! The only thing is, that his studio is pretty far from our house. He really wanted to live in Ahwatukee though, because I guess he really likes the area (who can blame him?).  But he prefers to do the public transport thing or ride his bike if at all possible (to presumably do his part for the environment). So he said he was 85% sure he wanted to live with us, but would think the whole distance thing over and get back with us the next day. Well, sure enough, 30 minutes later, I get a phone call, and he said he’s ready to move in next week!! Woohoo, my undeniable charm must have worked ;) J/k. I actually think it may have been the love sac — he seemed to really enjoy sitting in it, lol. I do really think hewill be an awesome roommate, and I’m really excited to not have to be paying that extra rent anymore.

So now, Mark, Michael and I will be on the lease until October 31. After that, it goes month to month and we’ll see who stays and who goes. I’m really happy about the living situation now, I have the master bedroom, so a ton of space, and my own bathroom, while the guys have their own rooms and share a bathroom on the other side of the house. And the kitchen is still my domain, muahahaha. Yesterday I baked lemon muffins for the first time in quite a while. I’ve been getting up pretty early lately (5-6ish), so I’ve been quite productive in the wee early morning hours. It’s nice. I don’t know what’s causing me to get up so early. It might be the heat — as soon as my body starts to roast I find it really uncomfortable and can’t stay in bed much longer. More than likely, though, it’s just hormones, as those seem to be all out of whack lately.

Michael’s website is here if you want to check it out. Also, his IMDB listing is here if you want to see his filmography credits.

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    awesome. Congrats!

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