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Wedding Pics

While I didn’t spend my Memorial Weekend doing anything crazy, I did get to see a good friend get married, which was nice. My old roommate (and co-worker) Marcus was marrying his college sweetheart Marcia. They used the M&M theme quite a bit…their website with their registry was “MandM4ever.com” And they had M&M’s and cupcakes served for dessert along with the wedding cake.

You could definitely see how detail-oriented Marcia is (she’s a second grade teacher, and she had her special touch everywhere). A couple at our table had a 7-week old baby, and she even gave the baby her own little place setting with alittle baby rattle sticker on the nametag. And since Marcus’ last name is Hsu (pronounced Shoe), they had these cute little high heel and tennis shoe shaped souvenir cookies made with M & M written in icing…and the little label on them said “The perfect pair of Hsus.” Cute idea…but blegh, they tasted horrible! Lol.

Before I jump ahead of myself, let me rewind back to the wedding ceremony. It was held at St. Andrew the Apostle, in Chandler (on Ray Rd, so quite convenient for us!) There were 200 guests, but they hardly filled out the center pews of the massive church. It was my first Catholic ceremony, and I certainly wasn’t prepared for how long it was! Apparently this was short for a Catholic ceremony. I guess they usually have communion, which will add a good hour and a half. And since Marcia is Filipino, they also had some Filipino tradition intermixed in there. I’m used to the short little snippet of a ceremony, with the procession, the vows, the kiss, and maybe a tear or two for good measure. This procession was a bit different — there was a larger wedding party than normal, because of all the sets of godparents (a Filipino tradition), and there were several sets of readers that also walked down the aisle. Instead of walking down the aisle with the bridesmaids, the grooms waited in the center of the room, and met them halfway down the aisle. The deacon gave a full out sermon, while the bride and groom took a seat behind this alter in the right hand corner of the stage, and the rest of the wedding party sat down in the pews. That’s when you know you’re in for a long ceremony! There was a veil, cord and a coin ceremony in there as well.  And instead of crying, there was a lot more smiling and cheering as the couple walked down the aisle! It was definitely a joyous occasion! But that’s the type of couple they are. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Marcus be very serious. And as Marcia was being introduced at the reception later on, she was doing the whole “raise the roof” motion with her bouquet — very spunky and lighthearted.

The reception was held at the Wyndham Resort in downtown Phoenix. I’ve driven past the Wyndham a thousand times, on my way to Suns and Diamondback games. I think I even attempted to park in their parking garage the last time I was there.  But I’ve never had the luxury of going inside.  Simply exquisite. I felt like I was attending a ball! I really wish Mark had brought his camera, so I could post a few pictures of the interior, but alas, he forgot it.

I remember being shocked when I first heard the budget for their wedding. They were shooting for “the average” wedding budget, which is $25,000. WOW! That is a lot of money. More than most people place on a downpayment for a home! Considering I’ve been to some simple yet beautiful weddings with $2500 budgets, I thought their figures were a bit extravagant and over the top. But now that I’ve attended the wedding, I can easily see how that much could be spent. In fact, I wonder if they were able to stay within budget? If you figure 200 guests, and you’re serving every one of them sea bass and filet mignon (no chicken for these folks!), that’s a lot of money. Plus the rental of the place alone had to cost a fortune. Then you have to pay the DJ, the photographer, the videographer, the bartenders…that adds up pretty quickly. I’d say it was definitely worth every penny for them. They’ll always remember their wedding day, and everyone certainly enjoyed themselves, that’s for sure!

I did get to have one 15 second dance with Marcus during the “Money dance.” Apparently it’s a pretty common thing at weddings to have the bride and groom out on the dance floor and then have people line up and pay to take turns dancing with them. Anyhow, we chatted for the 15 seconds I was allotted, and I realized how much I missed hanging out with him. I’ll have to make an effort to catch lunch with him one of these days.

My other roommate, Godfrey, was one of the groomsmen. It’s funny how they ended up so close, considering Marcus found him through the roommate listing on Craigslist. I’m glad though, because I ended up with another close friend too!  Godfrey brought his camera and was nice enough to share a couple shots he snapped during the cocktail hour (open bar time).

Here’s Godfrey in the center of Mark and I (and might I add, looking all spiffy in his so-called Monkey Suit!)

And here’s Godfrey’s date, Courtney, with Mark and I:

I did a lot of reminiscing of my year spent in the Hsu house. I definitely miss hanging out with Marcus & Godfrey. They were my favorite roommates that I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot!)

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