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Stockpile Photos

I couldn’t help but showoff some pictures of my stockpile. It’s a bit small compared to others, but it’s quickly growing out of my small pantry. I’m just wondering how well jarred items do in a hot garage?

Here are some of the goodies that I have accumulated for free through couponing. As you can see, some are necessities, like toilet paper, which adds up to some HUGE savings (Mark is amazed at how much more TP girls go through than boys. LOL). And these pictures don’t include the gobs of toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, feminine supplies, and razors that I’ve also gotten for free.

39 bottles of 24oz (BIG size!) La Victoria salsa YUM YUM YUM (5-9-07):

196 rolls of Scott Extra Soft Toilet Paper in my garage. That Arby’s box is also filled to the brim with tampons (4-28-07):

And the beginning of my stockpile days. I was so proud of this run!  My first free toilet paper and body wash! 40 rolls of Scott Extra Soft and 10 bottles of Suave body wash, currently residing in my laundry closet (3-2-07)

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  1. […] that’s three packages of tampons that I’ve gotten free so far. I love me some free tampons!! My stockpile has dwindled to next to nil, so this was good timing for me. Plus, I like the sleek new look of […]

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