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Decluttering the desktop

My desktop was starting to be overrun by stray documents, homework assignments, random pictures, you name it.  Mark got kind of fed up with the clutter (aka inefficiency) and helped me reorganize. In other words, I told him where things went, and his fingers went a-flying.  In no time at all my desktop was beaaaautiful. FOUR icons. Can you believe it? I find myself staring at it in admiration now. Oh yeah, he also helped speed it up. It turns out I had at least one trojan virus, and my firewall was completely freezing everything up. Now it runs smooth as silk!

My Clutter-Free Desktop:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “All I ask is you be HONEST, help clean & give me physical companionship once in a while.”

    It’s not creepy, you know exactly what he means by “physical companionship”. And for a free room in a house with a pool, surely that’s not too much to ask. ;)

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