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In four days I will be receiving my second Dell Latitude d410 laptop. The last one turned out to be the wrong processor speed, and the very nice seller took the laptop back without any hassle and refunded both my original payment and my return shipping fee. Very nice of them! In fact, overall it was an extremely pleasant experience. They even left me awesome feedback: “Keep up with your sweet personality. A great ebayer!!! A+++++++++++++” I don’t regret going through Ebay for such a large purchase. In fact, I turned right around and bought another one as soon as I got my money back.

I guess the old saying is true: good things come to those who wait. Because for the exact same price, I got a much better laptop with a 2-year Dell CompleteCare warranty. This means I can drop it, break it, smash it, do whatever to it, and it’s completely covered until May 2009. This makes me very very happy.

This time, I didn’t forget to use BigCrumbs when making my bid. For anyone who missed it the first time around, here’s my original post on BigCrumbs. It’s basically one of the few cashback programs available for Ebay. Within two days of purchasing my laptop, the seller’s fees and my rebate had both shown up in my BigCrumbs account. At the end of the month they just automatically transfer any rebates I’ve accumulated into my Paypal account. After my first transaction, I can say that I’m a fan of BigCrumbs. It’s very quick and smooth (much quicker than the Fatwallet cashback process for example). Plus it’s interesting to get a peek at what kind of fees the sellers are having to pay! If you buy a lot of things on Ebay, I highly recommend using BigCrumbs.

If you haven’t yet signed up for BigCrumbs, you can SIGN UP HERE>>>Start earning cashback on Ebay and other online purchases at BigCrumbs TODAY!!

And I have a tip for anyone who plans on getting payment through Paypal, either through BigCrumbs or just person to person (for example, sometimes I trade coupons for a pphf — paypal handling fee). To avoid the Paypal fees on these kind of payments, I recently set up a personal account through Paypal using a second email address. Everyone is allowed two Paypal accounts: a business (premier) account and a personal account. A premier account is required if you do any business on Ebay, and any payments you receive through this account get deducted a hefty Paypal fee. However, It’s free to send and receive money through a personal account. So just open 2 checking accounts. Lots of banks even give you incentives to open their accounts. The easiest method would be to set up a second checking account at your current bank (that way you can transfer money between them very easily online). Just don’t transfer from your personal Paypal account to your premier, or else you’ll get docked the Paypal fees. PayPal does have a receiving limit for their personal accounts, but that only applies to Ebay or other auction type earnings.

So that’s how I learned to get around Paypal fees on non-Ebay transactions. Now I can have anyone send me money through my second email address and not have to worry about Paypal taking their cut! And it’s quicker than sending a check in the mail.

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