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I’m tired of being tested on how fast I can do something. Supposedly, according to my professor, in the real world, “slow” doesn’t matter — then why in the hell does it matter in school? Isn’t school all about preparing you for the real world? HA! A lot of good timed tests on useless knowledge will do me!

I need to care a little less. I need to be more like Billy Pilgrim. Or I just need to get out of this. I knew when I graduated with my bachelor’s that ASU could not possibly offer me anything more than I had already gleaned, and yet I came back. What a friggin waste of time that has been so far. More pointless classes. And my anxiety is through the roof. Why couldn’t Phoenix be like any other large city and have a zillion universities?? We have enough people to support more than ONE. I love ASU, but seriously, it is too big, and it can’t support all the students it has. PERIOD.

Good news – I found my camera that I supposedly lost in the Grand Canyon.

Bad news – I panicked for a day over the loss of said camera.

Good news – The semester is almost over.

Bad news – That means I have finals and reports up the wazoo.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW, AM I GLAD TO HEAR YOU FOUND THE CAMERA! Keep an eye on it, it must have a bad habit of hiding from you. Love ya, Mom

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hang in there Sexy!!! Its all gonna be okay!!! :-)

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