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Here are some free and useful phone numbers. Credit goes to Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog.

1-800-FREE-411 – Free 411 Directory assistance. Why pay 99 cents a call? They can even text message you the phone number of the business you’re looking for, so you don’t need to scramble for a pen. Details here.

1-800-GOOG-411 - Google just recently released this 411 service in beta. Based on early reviews it’s supposed to be much better than the 1-800-FREE-411 service. You can also get the details by SMS if you’re using a mobile phone by saying “text message.” Mark has been using this alot lately, and I daresay he’s in love with it.

1-888-DO-FRUCALL – Wondering if the price you see in a store is fair? Just call FruCall and type in the UPC bar code number, and it will tell you the best price online. Details here.

1-800-555-TELL – Looking for local movie showtimes? Sports news? Driving directions? Stock quotes? Try TellMe. I use this a lot to kill time when waiting around for friends.

Store them in your cell phones now, or you’ll be sorry. :) Please add your own in the comments!

5 Responses to “Free Numbers That Should be in Every Phone”

  1. stardo says:

    it still uses cell phone minutes. ;)

  2. admin says:

    Haha, good point. But if you’re using a land line it’s free!

    And it’s free compared to the alternative (411), which you get charged for, on top of using minutes.

  3. stardo says:

    i’d rather call a friend and have them google for me. it’d get me to call a friend, which i never do anyway. i don’t even know where my phone is. =P

  4. admin says:

    Sure, if you have the kinds of friends who are always glued in front of their computers ready to google at your every beck and whim. Then gofer it. The rest of us will program these numbers in our phone.

  5. stardo says:

    a pity a world without friends who are glued to their computers ready to do a google for me at a moments notice. =)

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