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Finals are just around the corner, so I’ve been pretty busy with school. After that I should be able to post more…

But here’s a coupon for all those ice cream lovers out there. Hmm, I wonder which is worse? Being sick on the toilet all night because of some delicious vanilla ice cream (Blue Bell is certainly the best!), or writing papers and taking final exams?!?!

Go to Blue Bell and join the website. You can then click on the “Print Coupons” link under “Country Store.” When the print screen comes up, just change the quantity for however many you’d like. They are $1 coupons.

Now, here’s a tip on printing the coupon: You get to print the coupon three different times. As of this post, the first time is an expiration date of April 30, the second is June 30, and the third is April 30. So print one the first time since those expire soon. Then, print as many as you want the second time. After the third time you will get a message that says “there are currently no coupons available in your area.”

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