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I just discovered the best deals website for the Phoenix area. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of it before!

Daphne Munro with abc15 apparently has a program called “Smart Shopper Deal of the Day” where she announces a new deal of the day at 6am and 5pm everyday. Luckily for me, since I don’t watch TV, they post the deals online.  You just print out the Smart Shopper club card, or pick one up at any UPS store, and show it at the participating location to receive the deal of the day.

To get an idea of some of the great deals, check out the Smart Shopper February archive:

February Deals of the Day

They range from everything from a free bag of groceries to a free oil change.

In the past two days, I have received two awesome bargains thanks to the Smart Shoppers Club. Yesterday I got a free pair of Balega performance socks at Scottsdale Running Co. They also were offering a 15% discount on all shoes and 30% off all apparel.  I finally got up the nerve to take back a pair of trail running shoes I purchased at SRC last July. They were too small, and I only ended up wearing them twice because they made my toenails bleed the second time (very painful!).  I figured since I had waited too long that I’d have to sell them for a fraction of the price on Ebay or something. Anyhow, they gave me full credit despite the usual 30 day return policy (stellar customer service), plus I got 15% off a new pair of shoes with the Smart Shopper discount. So I ended up saving something like $15 and got a new (better fitting) pair of shoes!

My new Saucony Trigons.
I love them, except for the fact that the toe crunches a little bit when I walk. I don’t know if they just need to be broken in, or if there is a weird defect…I’ll wear them another day and see if I need to return them. I wonder if the store even has another pair of 10 1/2s in stock?

And today Ultimate Electronics was giving out a $30 gift card all day to anyone who showed their Smart Shopper card.  So guess what I got? An Ipod nano sports armband for $29.99 (they just rang it up as free, no tax included). Sweet savings!

DLO Action Jacket for Ipod Nano. Free accessories for my free Ipod. Gotta love it. I got gutsy and went with the bold turquoise over the subtler black. Now I can finally go running with my nano. Mark picked up a monopod for his camera with his $30. I tried to talk him into getting a tripod, but he finds them completely useless for his purposes. A monopod is lighter, and I guess he can use it when he’s in a museum and be less obtrusive. But you need to hold it! What’s the use of that?

Wow, I just realized there is a definite theme going on here. Maybe I should model my new armband with my new running shoes? Oooh la la!

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