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I just emptied out my entire Paypal account on a new (to me) laptop on Ebay. I’ve been saving all my earnings from my Ebay sales in an allotted “laptop” fund.  Since October, I have accumulated $762.76 from Ebay sales. And I have another $50+ in sales ending this week. Today I bought a Dell Latitude D410 laptop for $775, with $15 shipping. I’m quite excited at my new purchase, and proud of myself for being able to afford it, but it’s also sad to see my Paypal fund go bye-bye.

I can’t wait to get my new 4 lb laptop! My old Dell Inspiron has been quite the warrior, and is still a very powerful laptop. It’s just heavy. And I’m in desperate need of something lightweight enough to carry around. It’s kind of pointless to have a laptop that’s too heavy to carry (and with my fibro, portability is the #1 most important feature).

Once I get my new laptop set up, I’ll reformat the old one and put it up on Ebay. And that will be the beginning of my next savings fund — the new “camera” fund :)

I’m such an IDIOT though. I waited until 5 minutes before the auction ended to place my bid, and in all my giddiness, I completely FORGOT about BigCrumbs.com!!! Can you believe it?? I didn’t get cashback on my $790 purchase!!!  Criminy, what on earth was I thinking….

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  1. stardo says:

    when it comes to cash back it’s really only the big purchases that matter most. ;)

    and why did you have all that money sitting in your paypal account instead of earning interest in your online savings account?

    and how much $$ in ebay fees have you been racking up?

    and how much time did you spend listing all those auctions? how much were the items of value worth when you bought them? (the earnings could be taxable if you sell enough stuff, especially if you are simply reselling things you bought for cheap/free)

    you’re probably better off spending time serving up mocha-frappacino-whatevers at starbucks for 20 hrs a week instead of on ebay. at least then you’d get health/dental and an earned income for your roth ira. but who wants to work at starbucks, amirite? =)

    just some food for thought; i’m always happy when a friend gets a new computer. =)

  2. admin says:

    Points well taken. First off, the money wasn’t just sitting there…it’s currently earning 5.05% APY in the Paypal account. So it’s getting the same interest as if it were in my Emigrant. Only difference, as far as I can tell, is that it’s not FDIC insured. So I’d be wary to keep gross amounts of $$ in there, but for a temporary fund, it serves its purpose (which is just another organizational tool for me, I like to keep things physically separate ).

    Eh, so you rack up Ebay fees…its part of selling things on Ebay. It’s all money I wouldn’t have had anyway, so I don’t even think about the fees.

    About half the stuff was mine personally (in which case I ALREADY paid tax on it when I first bought it), and the rest is stuff I pick up free. Not enough to worry about, as I’m certainly not a heavy seller. And I do it in my free time…as I only list 5 or so listings a week, if that, it really doesn’t take me long at all! (If you think about it, $780 over several months does not add up to 20 hours a week!!)

    And I already have a full time job — it’s called being a graduate student. As an employee of the university, I receive health insurance — yes, it sucks, and no it doesnt include dental or vision — and I have a salary. And it already is driving me insane to the point that I DON’T have enough time to do anything I want. So getting a job to make extra money is out of the question. That might just destroy my last shred of sanity.

    Also, Starbucks isn’t open the hours I am free — usually between the wee hours of midnight and whatever time I get to bed.

    So, I’ll take the extra bucks I earn on Ebay, mostly from putting around on the computer late at night in between studying breaks and/or when I can’t sleep. If it werent for that, I would still be using the archaic beast that the school has given me until who knows when — ugh, I’d sooner shoot myself in the foot than type one more report on that sucker.

    But if you know of a way I can get gobs of money with little to no effort outside of school (or a sugar daddy willing to foot all my bills), then please advise :)

  3. stardo says:

    i can say, first and foremost, that i am not that sugar daddy you’re looking for! haha.

    i’m mostly just wary of large sums (anything > $20) and paypal. i have heard too many horror stories to be too confident with how they handle my $$.

    yeah i know 20 hours a week is a bit much, even 10 was a lot. primary reason i didn’t work in undergrad (or at least not much) while school was in session was directly because going to school was my full time job.

    as for ebay, again i caution against fees. selling something for $20 and have ebay and paypal take a good $5 of that for something you originally paid $40 for might put a cool $15 in your pocket right now for something you’re not using, but it is still a net loss. not buying things you ultimately feel the need to sell on ebay is a better position to take.

    it’s also great to buy things FAR and turn around and sell them for a profit, just make sure that the $$ made is worth the time spent, that’s all. much as i love ebay, i know there are many more fun ways to use my time than to enter in descriptions of items and wait in line at the post office to mail parcels. to each his/her own. i just know hobbies should be enjoyable and not feel like something i have to profit from, otherwise my time is better spent working at a real job, which defeats the purpose of enjoying my free time with a hobby. do i like when my hobbies make me money? yes, but i’m not kidding myself into believing i’m being profitable in said hobby.

    as for the most time tested way of getting gobs of money with little to no effort? investing. let time do its work. live below your means, take the extra $$ and invest it. you won’t be a millionaire tomorrow, but you won’t regret it 40 years from now.

    that or you could do the heather happy dance for $$ for complete strangers as i suggested before. ;) i won’t get into the morality/ethics of easily making gobs of money with little to no effort as anyone can easily throw those out the window if all they want is more $$.

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