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This shows how much I keep up with Reality TV these days.

I was in the post office today and happened to catch the headlines of the local Ahwatukee newspaper.  They boasted of an Ahwatukee resident’s recent win on You’re the One That We Want – yet another reality show in which America votes for the winner – where dancers competed for the two leads (Sandy and Danny) in the upcoming Broadway reproduction of Grease. I, of course, never even watched on episode of this show, and had no clue we had a local resident even vying for one of the lead roles.

Ahwatukee seems to really spout out some good dancers. First we had what’s-his-face with the goofy haircut on So You Think You Can Dance and now there’s this guy winning the lead role in Broadway’s revival of Grease. Must be some good trainers in the area.

There’s WAY too many reality shows to keep up with these days. And how many take-offs of American Idol can the networks really support?

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