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Is there anyone else that is bugged by the fact that the various cash back programs (Ebates, Fatwallet, etc) don’t give cash back on Ebay purchases? Well, I’ve found a site that pays up to 36% of the seller’s fees whenever you buy something on eBay.

It’s called BigCrumbs.com. Somehow, in my quest for a replacement stylus for my pocket PC, I happened upon someone’s referral link for BigCrumbs.com – the “Earn cashback for Ebay purchases” was what really drew me in. It didn’t take long for me to sign up as a member. Now, I’m not really a heavy Ebay user, but imagine for all those of you who are, how much cashback you could be earning by joining big Crumbs!

(If only I’d found this site three days ago when I bought $40 of Jane Iredale makeup to qualify for the $15 off $30 Paypal promotion)…

So, here’s the gyst. Sign up at BigCrumbs.com. Each time you shop online, you log in to their site and click on the retailer’s link. You make your purchase, and BigCrumbs gets paid a percentage of the sale. BigCrumbs then sends YOU a percentage in the form of a CASH REBATE. You get paid through PayPal, so you must have an active PayPal account.

When you sign up, there are two programs to choose from. You can either choose to be a CrumbSaver or CrumbEarner.

  1. CrumbSaver – You earn a higher percentage rebate on your purchases and get a referral commission on the sales of your friends that you refer to sign up.
  2. CrumbEarner - You earn a generous, but lower rebate on your own shopping. However, in addition to earning referral commissions on your direct referrals, you also earn when the CrumbEarner referrals of their referrals shop, and so on, up to 5 generations away!

Personally, since I mostly sell on Ebay and don’t make a ton of purchases (though a laptop may or may not be in my near future…in which case cash back is very tantalizing!), I became a CrumbEarner, so that I could earn more $$ through referrals. If you’re a heavy Ebay shopper and don’t want to hassle with referrals, choose the CrumbSaver option. Keep in mind if you choose to be a CrumbSaver you can always become a CrumbEarner later…but not the other way around.

Granted, I’ve only been a member for all of 10 minutes, so this may not be the most thorough of reviews. It looks similar to other online cash back sites, with a list ofover 100 stores which give cash back. The list of retailers doesn’t look to be as extensive as other cash back sites. The amount of cashback seems to be competitive, though. A quick browse shows that Macy’s gives 3.6%CrumbSaver rebate, Buy.com gives 2.7%CrumbSaver rebate, and Officemax gives 3.6%CrumbSaver rebate. I’m mostly interested in the Ebay cash back, which is what really makes this site unique.

Cash Back Details for Ebay purchases:

Cash Back

CS: 36% of seller’s fee
CE: 20% of seller’s fee
RC: 4% of seller’s fee

CS=CrumbSaver Rebate, CE=CrumbEarner Rebate, RC=Referral Commission

eBay pays based on a percentage of the seller’s total fee. Seller’s fee may be difficult to discern for the buyer because it depends on options selected by the seller. To estimate fees for a purchase you’re considering please see eBay’s fee page.

Note: You must click through BigCrumbs and place the winning bid or execute a Buy It Now transaction. Simply clicking through to make a payment is NOT sufficient for credit.

And start earning cash back from Ebay purchases!!

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