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Hello everyone :) I took off a few days due to spring break. Went up north for a few days for some relaxation. Had intended on backpacking to the Grand Canyon or Sedona, but I had a massive headache which never let up and trudging along in the heat with a throbbing head didn’t sound like much fun! So we lazed around instead. Took a day trip to Flagstaff — found a new favorite restaurant there called Corea House, serving, you guessed it, Korean food.

The highlight of my weekend would have to be eating at the Manzanita Inn Restaurant in Cornville. For being only a 15-20 minute drive from my parent’s house, I definitely don’t eat there enough. I had the salmon in a lemon caper white wine sauce, and I can confirm that Chef Kramer still serves up the BEST tasting salmon I have ever had. Period. And I’ve tried A LOT of salmon. I don’t know how he does it. Soft and melts in your mouth like whipped butter. Pure heaven. There are very few dishes that leave a lasting impression in my mind…but boy, oh boy, I’m glad this one lives up to my memories. They didn’t have Better-Than-Sex cake on the dessert tray (I vaguely remember it being some sort of Tiramisu concoction), but the P.M.S. (Pretty Massive Slab) cake was a solid substitute. It could have also been called P.C.D. for Pure Chocolate Decadence.  The leftovers got gobbled up by my sister, who couldn’t stop raving about it.

If you are ever in the Verde Valley, I HIGHLY recommend eating at the Manzanita Inn. You can’t find a better restaurant in all of Arizona. They’re only open Wed-Sun, from 4pm-8pm, and reservations are highly recommended. The menu consists of an eclectic mix of authentic German entrees, local favorites, and seasonal specials.  The special this week was Rocky Mountain Oysters fresh from the Appalachia — lol, the waitress had to explain what these were to Mark, and she did not mince words!! (‘Bull Balls’ for those of you not in the know.)  Manzanita Inn uses only the finest and freshest ingredients and features organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, many of which they grow in their adjoining garden.

How on earth a 5-star chef ended up in Cornville, AZ, of all places, is beyond me. But I’m not complaining! I thank David P. for being a busboy (or waiter? Can’t remember) at Manzanita Inn and being the first to introduce me to their fabulous fare all those years ago.

Manzanita Inn
11425 E Cornville Rd.
Cornville, AZ 86325
Phone: 928-634-8851
Fax: 928-634-8851
Email: manzanitainn@yahoo.com

> Website
> Menu

P.S. Hurry, Chef Kramer isn’t getting any younger!

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