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Very Expensive Lunch

Wow. I am stuffed beyond capacity. In fact, I am hurting. Ow. I haven’t eaten that much in a LONG time. Good thing it’s my cheat day!!

Just got back from Fogo e Brasa – a brazilian steakhouse…$17.95 a head (reduced lunch price), two bottles of wine, several soft drinks, a couple desserts, some espressos, and a $60 tip later…total bill: $348. All paid for by a generous Ebayer buying my mom’s jaguar. And now I have a contact in Chicago for theatre tickets :) Thanks for inviting me along mom!!

P.S. I really want to see the Louvre now.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yep, ME TOO!

    Thank you for the restaurant suggestion, & Rolland was very happy to have had you along! He said “letting go of & saying good-bye to a cherished car should be a family event”. He said that made the car even more special to him. He really loved her, & promised to let us know how she’s doing. He did say not to expect Christmas cards from her, said even his own family didn’t get those, but he will call.How sweet! Love you Honey! Mom

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