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Rebate Madness

Ah, organization, how I love thee. I finally got around to organizing all my rebates in an Excel spreadsheet :) Complete with description, value, dates sent, and dates received. I’m such an Excel dork that I spent a good amount of time creating formulas to track the total amount received versus the amount outstanding.

Since September ’06, I have sent off for a total of $409.91 in rebates. I currently have $144.29 in outstanding rebates. These are mostly grocery rebates for things I did not pay for, though I do have one $30 Kingston rebate still outstanding, which will make my thumb drive free after rebate. 

I was relieved to find that I don’t have any alarmingly outstanding rebates, and that I have only received one for the incorrect amount. Dang Pep Boys, this is the second time I’ve had issues with their rebate process. At least this time I received it in a timely manner, but for some reason they only gave me the rebate for one of my seat covers instead of two. And it clearly states a maximum of two per household. Ah well, that should be fixed with a phone call.

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