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Heres a list of items that Carol mentioned yesterday that I’d like to slowly add to my backpacking arsenal:

  • Tilly Hat, $64. I have spent a fair chunk of money on hiking hats, and have yet to find what I consider the ideal hat. A good hat is definitely a necessity, especially when you’re as fair as I am. Finding one that provides adequate shade, yet doesnt obstruct my view, and is comfortable (and lightweight!) has been a challege for me. Carol absolutely LOVES her Tilly hat, so maybe someday I’ll splurge and get one (or Mark will buy one and I can test his for free).
  • Alcohol Stove, $cheap$. It’s uber compact and lightweight and better for the environment than propane or gas. Plus it’s cheap.
  • CW-X Sports Bra, $45. Again, it was great having a women give the seminar, because we got all sorts of nice female-friendly advice. Carol finds her CW-X so comfortable that she has no desire to really ever take it off. She also said it comes in a variety of sizes, so if you’re blessed with a large cup size and have yet to find adequate support, maybe CW-X is the answer.
  • Snow Peak Titanium cup, $32.95. I don’t have a cooking pot to go with my stove yet.  Titanium is half the weight of stainless steel and more durable than aluminum (also twice the cost!). This is a nice individual-sized all-in-one cooking vessel. However, it might be worth looking into an anodized aluminum set, which is much cheaper, and even lighter in weight.

I’ll be adding to this list as I think of more things. I do need an insulated jacket, and possibly a better hiking top. Everything else I pretty much have, and while not being the lightest weight, will suffice for my current needs.

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