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Here’s a really good way for you to get that $10 Ebates bonus with minimal out-of-pocket cost. There is currently a code going around that allows you to get a free 11”x14” Poster Print from Snapfish, for only $2 S/H. To make this deal even sweeter, go through Ebates — you get 10% cash back at Snapfish, plus you’ll qualify for that $10 sign up bonus. In the end, you will be making $8 and get a poster print to boot!

1) First, sign up for an Ebates account. Or log in if you’ve already signed up.

2) Next, look up the store “Snapfish by HP.” Click on the link.

3) You will then be directed to the Snapfish site. You should see a screen that says “Thank you for shopping through Ebates. We’re taking you to Snapfish by HP where you’ll be saving 10% Cash Back! Your Tracking Ticket Number is: XXXXXXXXX” Every Ebates Tracking Ticket for the past three months will be recorded to your account page for your future reference.

4) If you don’t have a Snapfish account, create one. Then upload your favorite picture, and order an 11″x14″ print of it. It will be originally priced $6.99, but then at checkout you are given the option of entering a promotion code.  Apply the coupon “PUBLIXFREEPOSTER” and make sure the code is in all caps. Voila! The poster is free, and you will be charged only $1.99 shipping & handling. Tax varies by state. For AZ, the total came out to $2.14.

5) That’s it! Sit back and wait for your poster to be shipped to you, and for your ebate to register in your account.

This is a sweet deal anyway, without the Ebates. A good 11×14 print will cost you a minimum of $5 at Walmart, plus you’re getting it packaged and shipped to your door.

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