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I was hesitant to buy any accessories for my Ipod nano until I figured out whether it was 1st or 2nd generation. Most things I’ve been looking at (i.e. armband) are usually geared towards 2nd generation models. 

After some googling, I confirmed that I have the 1st generation. It is the black 2 Gig Nano, which means that it is the old model (by about a month or two) with the lucite (or plastic) case, as compared to the newer aluminum cases which do not come in black except for the 8 Gig model.

So it all comes down to color. Black 2GB means first generation. That kind of limits me to accessories. For example, I can’t pick up this Tough Skin case with belt clip at Amazon that’s FREE AR, since it’s only for 2G (2nd generation) nanos. Darn.

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    Get it anyways silly, & sell it on ebay! Love ya! Mom

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