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Verizon will be increasing their text messaging rates to $0.15 per incoming message. The price to send text messages will remain at $0.25 per message. I heard Sprint and Cingular are also upping their texting rates. I guess this is in response to the huge increase in texting among cell phone users (Personally, I don’t get this fad, I can talk a heck of a lot faster than I can type).

The thing about this increase that is kind of irksome, is that you really have no control over what text messages you receive — it’s not like you can choose which ones to accept before getting charged. I did read over on SD that Verizon gives you the option to block all incoming text messages — I guess this may be one way to prevent unwanted charges on your cell phone bill. I generally only receive 2 or 3 messages a month anyways, and I send absolutely zero…so this is a rather moot point for me. But I have received quite a few spam texts in the past, and would rather not get charged for those at all :P I can really only think of one or two times when having the option to send/receive text was really useful.

I guess if I were still a teenie bopper in middle or high school, and wanted to chat with all my friends without interrupting class, this would be impacting me more. But then I’d just cough up the extra $5 a month and get a text message plan.

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