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Thrifty I may be, but toilet paper is an item I won’t skimpon.  I tend to avoid the store brand rough-as-sandpaper one-ply tissue. I’d rather pay more for non-abrasive, soft and cushiony yet strong and resistant tissue. My recent brand of choice has been Ultra Charmin. However, Quilted Northern is on sale at Safeway this week, and we’re almost out of TP, so I think I’ll be trying that out. At 33cents a roll for the double rolls (after coupon), it’s a deal that’s hard to beat.

After browsing a consumer report at poopreport.com (haha, I wonder if this site was started by an IBSer?), I think I’ll be staying away from Kleenex Cottonelle, no matter how cheap it goes on sale.  Apparently it’s too soft to wipe with — and it forms those annoying little cotton wads that cling to your nether regions. Gross.

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