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Get a music download from your favorite Universal Music Group recording artist courtesy of Garnier Fructis! Just be one of the first 10,000 to enter the code “GARNIERHOTTRACK” below then turn it up and go from dull to dazzling!  Downloads must be completed by January 26, 2007.

Click here to redeem your songs.

Note that the code is case sensitive, so type in all caps. Also- you can type in the code and hit enter really fast a bunch of times, and it will credit you with a whole bunch of free tracks. I’m up to about 400 right now. At this rate, I’ll be dowloading all night!

I’m out of the music loop — any recommendations on good songs or artists?

Also, has anyone tried out Ruckus? It’s supposed to be free unlimited access to music downloads for college students (or anyone with an .edu address). How is this any different (or more legal) than Napster ??

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