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Body Composition

In other news, I got my body composition tested on Saturday to establish a baseline for this new workout program I’m trying out. I also got tested at my gym last year when I first started going, so it’s interesting to compare the two data:

01/20/06: 162 (and that was down from an all-time high of 178!)
02/07/07: 153

Body Composition
01/20/06: 25.0
02/07/07: 21.1

It’s nice to see my metabolism has finally kicked in, and I’m starting to resemble my pre-North Carolina self. I’ve lost 25 of the 30ish pounds I packed on in one month. For those wondering “how I did it”, I can honestly say that it had nothing to do with eating or exercising. For over a year, I worked my brains out and followed several different diets, and didn’t shed a pound. I literally woke up one day feeling like my old self (it’s weird, I literally felt like a switch had been turned on), and my metabolism was back to normal. I firmly believe that it took this long for all the drugs to be out of my system that had messed up my metabolism in the first place. It will be interesting to see what happens when I actually start exercising regularly again.

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