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Another reason to shop at Trader Joe’s:

I just wanted to alert everyone to a little publicized Trader Joe policy. They are very generous with returns and encourage you to try new things. If you are not happy with it or didn’t like it, just bring it back and they will refund you very cheerfully. I have had two or three instances over the past few years and they were really nice. I am not saying this to imply someone should abuse it, but sometimes you take a chance and try something and it is gross and you throw it out. They don’t want you to do that. I bought a new healthy cereal from them a few years ago and it was really yuckky. I eat that stuff all the time so it has to be gross for me not to like it. They took it back no questions asked. Also, one time when they sold President fat-free feta, it got moldy before the date. Again, no questions asked. Just for your FYI, try out something new at TJ’s and be adventurous.

I wish I had known this when I tried those chilli-flavored dried mangoes! *shudder*

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