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So I received the following letter in the mail today. With it were 2 free movie tickets good for any show, and some coupons for eggs and pickles.

Sorry my trade took so long. I guess I took it in too late to catch the truck out on Saturday. It must have waited till Monday to go. I was horrified to think of you getting an extra bonus for Kmart and wanting a mop sooo I am sending you 2 free show tickets. Maybe you can use them while you are on break. My daughter went to UCD medical school for her graduate program, I know how things are tight.

I thought things would get better here after my folks moved here (they’re 80 & 82), but after moving in on Thanksgiving day, my Father fell last Monday and broke 2 ribs and damaged his lung. They call it the “Death Fall”. So many older folks fall and never get back on their feet.

Well Thanks again for the trade. I saw your WL and am sending a few with the tickets. Have a wonderful holiday season. We will be making our annual “Gift Baskets” for the Veterans in the nursing homes, last yr 158, this yr 282!


Wow, some people are just too kind. First of all, I didn’t mind that her end of the trade was a couple weeks late. I was completely understanding since it was the holidays (stressful for everyone), and she was moving her parents from CA to UT. And then she gave me SO many extras, above and beyond what I had originally asked for, it was amazing. The KMart gift card and stamps were awesome! And I told her so! And she still sends me these two free movie tickets. I am speechless. I haven’t seen a movie in a LONG time (I’ve seen maybe three in the theater this year), mostly because I can’t sit for that long anymore without my legs hurting very badly. Plus it has to be an extremely good movie for me to throw away that much money. I figure I will just go in the middle of the week when it’s not too crowded and hopefully get a seat in front of the railing so I can stretch my legs out. Or just stretch my legs across Mark :p

Even in the midst of all that is going on in her life, she is going out of her way to help others. Amazing! A good role model in this season of giving.

I think making up baskets or care packages for shelters or nursing homes is a very thoughtful, awesome thing to do. It allows you to play the couponing “game” — get things for free or as close to free as possible — to help others. But I definitely don’t have the space to stockpile that much stuff (my roommates would kick me out of the house). I am planning on giving away all of my extra stuff to some local food & homeless shelters. I guess I could also volunteer my time to help sort some of their stuff…as an undergrad I volunteered once a week at St. Vincent de Pauls to drive food boxes to needy families. We had to drive through some pretty shady areas, but the thankful look on their faces when they accepted the box always made it worth it.

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