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My list of things to do

I was going to title this post “My list of things to do by year’s end” but then I realized December is almost over with, and there’s a small holiday called Christmas which will probably put a damper on my productivity. Plus I’m leaving for Chicago on the 27th. Sooo, with that said, I will try and get as much of this done as soon as possible (and before school starts again and I have no time to do anything but homework and study).

  1. Finish writing integrated diagnostics paper.
  2. Set up Roth IRA — Done! Now I just need to max it out. 
  3. Set up Sharebuilder account.
  4. Finish reading my books for “personal pleasure” (currently in the middle of 3)
  5. Transfer all my crap from laptop to desktop and reformat laptop.
  6. Organize all my photos. This can only be done after #5.
  7. Register for Spring semester. Need to figure out what classes I’m taking.
  8. Transfer my credits from NCSU to ASU.  Apply for PhD status (still on the fence about this one. Masters or PhD?)
  9. Bake!! I miss baking :(
  10. Haircut — scheduled for Saturday.
  11. Highlights — also scheduled for Saturday.
  12. Test a few recipes from new cookbook.
  13. Finish adding accounts to Yodlee.
  14. Draft up a detailed budget.
  15. RAOK my soon to expire coupons
  16. Get car washed.
  17. Clean house.
  18. Donate unused stockpile to local food banks.
  19. Find dentist. Set up appt.
  20. Order more contacts. Possibly get new lenses and/or glasses.
  21. Organize my recipes. I’m a little behind on this one.

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