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Tabblo is a new photo sharing website that allows you to make collage-like posters or picture books that you can then purchase or share online. They have a special offer for a free 4×4 book, a 11×17 poster or 40 4×6 prints. I personally got extremely frustrated with the editing software after about 30 minutes of messing with it. It is still very new and has quite a few bugs to work out. Nothing free is worth that amount of time or hassle. Maybe I’ll try again after the holidays when I’m in a more peaceable mood.

Mark has infinitely more patience than me, so he stuck it out and made a book. In his words, “that editor took FOREVER to get anything done.” Some of the greatest works of art have been a result of great perseverance (and talent). Check out his masterpiece below.

Tabblo: iliak1's Tabblo

See Mark’s Tabblo>

Just a note: Tabblo isn’t all bad. There are a few things about Tabblo that I like (and wish other photo-sharing sites would copy). I really like that it allows you to import your photos from places like Flickr (and iPhoto or Picasa). So you can do all your photo editing in Picasa and then upload an entire album in one fell swoop. Also, you can share your Tabblo and let others create their own variations of it and even buy their own copy. A great concept, if you have the patience to figure it out.

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