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Links List is up!

Success! I’ve been wanting to add a list of my favorite links for a while now, but didn’t think it was possible on LiveJournal. For this and other reasons, I’ve been having thoughts of moving over to a more blog-friendly site (like BlogSpot). But I’m currently content now that I’ve figured this out. Plus I dread moving.

Check out some of my favorite Personal Finance Blogs over to the right. I’ve also started a Fitness Links section, which is pretty lonely. I’ll add more links as I have time. For now, I’ve got a link to my current favorite — Maggie over at Caustic Musings. She’s a young, hip, super thrifty ultra buff chick who is my current real-life fitness idol. Plus she’s a bit of a geek which I think is cool.

And I thought I would add a primer for those unsure how to navigate my LiveJournal. Apparently my mom thought all my past posts were lost to cyber space. Not so! If you want to go back and read an old post, click on Archive (the second link below my picture on the right), and you can navigate through all my old posts there.

For example, if you wanted to re-read my posts from the Philippines, you would click on Archive –> 2005. You can then click on View Subjects for the month of December and browse through the subjects until you found the post you wanted to read. Hope that helps!

That reminds me. My LiveJournal passed the year mark on Dec. 15! Time sure does fly.

2 Responses to “Links List is up!”

  1. brcmapgirl says:


    Thanks for the link… Did you know I had an LJ feed burned? Let me know if it doesn’t work…

  2. admin says:

    Re: Thanks!

    Thanks for stopping by. I tried to add your LJ feed (brcmapgirl_fc ) to my friends list, but I think it still links to your old blogspot site. Is there another feed to the new site or am I doing something wrong?

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