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After reading a post on MyMoneyBlog a while back about corporate employee discounts on cell phone bills, I decided to check out it.  Sure enough, smack dab on the Verizon homepage, right under “Learn More” there is a link for employee discounts. You simply enter your work email address to determine if you’re eligible. If you are, they email you the discount.  I had to go through a bit more rigamorale then just entering an email address — they had me fax a copy of my employee badge as well (this prevents students from just entering their email address and getting the discount I suppose).  Also, some companies get much greater discounts than others — for example, Dad checked and Bashas’ gets 5%, while I’ve seen reports of 25% for other companies.

So it turns out, for being an ASU employee, I receive 15% off my monthly bill! And that’s not all! I also finally joined a family plan with my parents & grandparents (4 total phones). After the 15% off discount, we pay $112.00  for 1400 minutes. I went from paying $72+ dollars for 900 minutes to paying $40.16 for 600-700 minutes. And since most everyone I call is “in” my network, I don’t miss the extra minutes at all.

Total annual savings: $32 x 12 = $384

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  1. stardo says:

    yeah you should have nabbed the intel discount while you were still there. i think it is either 10 or 15% off monthly bill and a whopping 50% off equipment costs. having people you call frequently “in network” definitely helps.

    $37 here for 600 minutes with rollover (i think i have something like 3200 minutes by this point). something redonkulous like 5000 night and weekend. since i never call anyone but work when i am WFH, it works out well.

    i’ll never get a landline again.

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