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Highlights of my weekend

This past weekend we went up to Camp Verde for a Christmas celebration with the folks & grandparents. It was a much appreciated weekend filled with plenty of R&R, too much food, lots of board games, and quality family time. We got to try out my new (actually, I bought it several months ago and still had not used it) party game, Time’s Up. Which turned out to be a blast (I never knew my grandma was SO GOOD at charades!!). Got in a couple good games of Settlers with my dad & Mark. Oh yeah, and I watched more TV in one day then I have in the past 6 months. I am now an expert on the world’s tallest people and the winner of the most recent season of Survivor. And Mark is now a “granddaughter” according to his Christmas card, teehee.

I always eagerly anticipate my father’s excited present-ripping-open happy dance/ voice changing act, and this year was no exception with his REI hiking poles and cappuccino/latte maker.  And Brooks seemed pretty happy with her new Crocs (however hideous Hannah may find them to be). Hannah’s presents all had an “ipod” theme  — an I-tunes gift card from us, a new battery and headphones from the parents. Dad & Brooks definitely picked the perfect present for Mark — a year renewal for his National Parks pass. And I love my new presents — a new book and beautiful dangly earrings from Hannah and a Garmin GPS unit from Dad & Brooks! Woohoo! Now I just have to spend hours reading how to use the GPS. Apparently I can get a bike attachment unit for it, so I can use it to track my speed and mileage on my bike as well! Pretty nifty. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, you are right! I love the new Crocs. That was the perfect gift for me. Thanks so much.
    Love, Brooks

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