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Free Movie Recap

Today I saw Charlotte’s Web with my mom and grandma. It was pretty darned cute. And I must confess, I shed a tear or two. It’s amazing how emotional the death of a spider can be. That concludes the festival of free movie madness. I’ve seen more movies in the theatre in the last two weeks than I’ve seen in several years (all for free thanks to the HP Promotion). A recap:

We Are Marshall – We got to see this two weeks ahead of its release. Good story (especially since it’s true), solid acting, definitely worth seeing. I give it an A-.

Casino Royale — I know I’m deaf, but I couldn’t understand half the things that were being said. Either the audio was poor, or everyone was talking way too fast for me to pick up half the dialogue. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s hard to root for a Bond with no soul. There were also a few things out of place that made me question the overall plot. I give it a C+.

The Holiday – Great sappy romantic comedy (aka “chick flick”) with a wonderful everyone-lives-happily-ever-after ending that makes you feel all gushy and warm inside. Jude Law’s character is deliciously handsome and almost too perfect. Plus I’m a huge Jack Black fan. I need to see this kind of film every once in a while, for a little life pick me up. I give it a B+.

Rocky Balboa — The entire movie builds up to the action scene, which is perhaps a little over-hyped. It’s also more than a little unbelievable. How many 60-year-olds could possibly hold their own against a young undefeated heavyweight champion? And I don’t like how it just ends. But if you grew up admiring Rocky like I did, then it’s not hard to fall under the Rocky spell when you hear that familiar chant: “Rocky, Rocky, Rocky!” Bottom line: an entertaining movie for Rocky fans. I give it a B-.

Night at the Museum — Can we say cheese? Only Ben Stiller could have carried a movie with such a hokie plot.  But it was funny in parts and overall entertaining to watch. B-.

Charlotte’s Web
— I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie. Excellent movie for both kids and adults alike. The movie brings the characters to life, almost exactly as I remember them being depicted in the book.  I think the following quote says it all: “Charlotte’s Web whispers quietly at times in between silly jokes and talking animals that the world is a harsh place sometimes…and yeah sometimes adults dont care because they’ve lost a little of their soul. Sometimes when I look at the world I now live in and the adult I have become, I think this movie is right–and that scares me.” Dakota Fanning is brilliant, as usual.  I give this a solid A.

2 Responses to “Free Movie Recap”

  1. dkem says:

    Thanks for the reviews. I’ve only seen Casino and would give it a little higher rating than you did, and was surprised you gave Rocky a B-, hehe.

    If you haven’t seen Babel yet, I’d recommend you do.

  2. admin says:

    Yeah, most people are giving Casino MUCH higher ratings than I did. I can’t see why it’s getting 90+% ratings…too many questionable things in the plot for me. Plus he was so cold. I guess that’s how the original Bond was, rough around the edges and soulless. Anyhow, these were my reviews…so knowing me and my tastes you can adjust accordingly ;)

    Why are you surprised about Rocky? Too high or low? It was completely unbelievable, but Rocky is sort of a heroic action figure, so if you’re watching it, you’re not really going to see something realistic. And you have to understand my dad’s love of Rocky…and how I grew up thinking Rocky was kick-ass. As a little girl Rocky and Heman were my ultimate superheroes, lol. So it was enjoyable. Just not a classic by any means. Definitely better than Eragon, which is what we had original tickets for (and sneaked in to see Rocky instead).

    I’ve never even heard of Babel. I’ll go check it out on RT now.

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