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Opening my mailbox today almost felt like Christmas!  An envie full of coupons from Brooks (thanks!).  The first issue of my free Good Housekeeping subscription (with more coupons in it! haha).  And an envelope from a fellow coupon trader that I have been waiting for with tons of fun extras: $5 K-Mart gift card, 9 unused stamps, a coupon for free Hostess or Wonder bread, Aquafresh White & Shine Toothpaste TMF, Dove liquid hand wash TMF, and many more! Wow!

And then when I went to Basha’s to take advantage of the butter deal (see below), I found another TMF attached to the Matrix3 or Mystique Razor packs, for up to $5 value. Plus there was a coupon inside for $2 off future razor or refill purchase; so I opened it up and used it in the store for $2 profit. Another free razor to try! 

And remember when I posted about $1 butter at Basha’s? Well, you can now get Challenge 8-oz quarters or spreadable for FREE. The only catch is that Basha’s only carries salted 8-oz packages, so I guess I’ll have to suck it up and bake with salted butter. The details: 

Challenge Butter – 8oz quarters, whipped or spreadable 10 for $10
USE: Printable .50/1 any size challenge butter
OR: Possible .50/1 any on back of quarters package
Final Price: FREE

You can’t print the coupons more than once, so here’s a tip: Print a ton the first time. That’s what I did, and I still have a bunch laying around from the last butter deal. There doesn’t seem to be any expiration date on them either.  They do say limit one coupon per customer, so it definitely depends on your cashier. I was able to get 6 free 8-oz packages the first time I went through today, using the printables. I made sure and bought only packages with the .50/1 on back of them, and then I took them home, cut them off and went back. Now each time I can get six more free! I literally had a receipt which said $0.00, and I had purchased six 8 oz quarters and 3 spreadables. I had to go to a second Basha’s (which had GOBS of the butter with the coupon on the back), and the cashier there was SO super friendly. Normally you get these cashiers who make you feel like snot for getting things free….but she was great. She said, “See, now that’s how you’re supposed to do it! Will I be seeing you again soon? (gesturing to the coupons on the back of package)” And I said probably, yes, and when I mentioned that I may not totally stock up on them since I bake with unsalted, she even got on the phone and called the guy in the back just to make sure they don’t carry unsalted in that size. All that effort for someone whose bill rang up to $0.00!!

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