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Lowes has the Bright Effects 4-pack 13W mini-twist light bulbs for $7.98 – $7.98 mail-in rebate = Free. Limit 2 4-packs per household. Offer date: 12-07-06 thru 12-21-06.

According to the package, you save $37.00 in energy costs over the average rated life (8,000 hours) of the lamp compared to a 60 watt (1,000 hours) incandescent bulb. These savings are based on 10cents/kWh.  

We already have a few compact flourescent bulbs in our house, but we picked up two more packages to replace the rest of the bulbs. There’s basically two reasons why we decided to upgrade to compact fluorescent light bulbs in the first place: longer life (it seems like we’re always replacing bulbs), and lower energy consumption. And now you can save energy for FREE! Can’t beat that deal!

Note: The rebate prints out at the register, and you just send it in. No UPC’s necessary.

One Response to “Compact flourescent light bulbs FAR @ Lowe’s”

  1. stardo says:

    yeah i suggested something of the sort to my parents when i went home over the summer. the number 1 cost savings comes from a programmable thermostat though, in my mind. and compact flourescents aren’t perfect for all situations; they take a few minutes to warm up to full brightness and aren’t as good for your eyes as normal light bulbs for reading under. that and if you are colorblind like me, it basically changes the way you see colors. =P but given those slight problems, i would totally go to them in my house almost everywhere, especially the areas where i have the lights on for sustained periods of time.

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