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Having trouble finding the perfect gift for that grandparent or aunt who already has everything? Well, this year I found the perfect solution with PhotoStamps.  Everyone needs stamps!  You basically use your own photograph to make customized US postage stamps. Once you upload your image, you can zoom, move, and rotate it, and then select one of ten different border colors to match the stamp. You can usually find free shipping codes on the internet. Since I have an account with them, I tend to be barraged with emails offering free shipping, especially around the holidays. So far, I’ve had fun turning our San Francisco family vacation into stamps.


A word of warning, though. I have found that the recipient of the photostamps seems to be *extremely* hesitant to use them. “But they’re so unique! I don’t want to use them! They’ll get stamped on!” My response is this: If you really want to keep the picture, I can print out a 4×6 picture for 19¢ at Ritz and have it ready in an hour. Which is, well, much cheaper and less time-consuming than the stamps. Besides, you’ll cheer up the recipient of your letter/package and the postman by giving them something to look at other than a boring old flag. So use ‘em!

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