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Now through 12/23/06, Pepboys has 12 packs of AA or AAA Rayovac batteries for 4.99 – 5.00 rebate = FAR. VBottom of page 5.

Pep Boy Ad

Note, when I bought these, the AAAs were priced 5.99 and the AAs were 4.99. I pointed out that the ad stated both were 4.99 (probably a misprint in the ad), and they gave the AAA’s to me for 4.99 – $1/1 (01-31-07) 11/12SS1 = $3.99 for 12-pack of AAAs. YMMV. Don’t forget to ask for the rebate before you leave the store (it’s a manufacturer’s tearpad form)!

Also, I didn’t know this, but you can sign up online and receive a $5 coupon off any $30 purchase in the store.

Coupon Link

I may splurge and replace my seat covers this month. Two separate transactions, at $29.95 – $5 coupon – $10 Pep Boys rebate = $15.00 each.  Good deal on sheepskin. My current ones are old and worn through in places, and I bought them at Pep Boys last time. Never got my rebate back, but this time I’m making a copy and notifying them if I don’t. Fo’ sho. 

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