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Try Me Free!

I only recently discovered the wonderful world of TMF’s. TMF = Try Me Free = mail-in rebate for purchase price of item, which is a manufacturer’s way of getting you hooked on their product. The idea is that you’ll try their product for free, love it, and continue to buy it.

You can find TMF forms in the Sunday coupon inserts, or print them out online. It’s especially useful when there is a TMF for something you ordinarily use anyway, like eggs or batteries.  You can usually find a coupon for the product, which means you actually make a profit on it! Here are some current printable TMF’s worth participating in:

  • Rayovac TMF - Receive up to $3 back by mail when you buy Rayovac Alkaline Batteries. I used this in conjunction with a Walgreens Easysaver rebate to double my refund. Plus I had a coupon, making it a very sweet deal for some AAA batteries.
  • Banquet Meals TMF — Receive $10 in Banquet coupons or refund up to purchase price (up to $7.99 for Wings or Drumstick Promo and up to $5.99 for Crock Pot Classics promo). The crock pot meals are okay, I tried the chicken dumplings one — definitely NOT something I would buy at regular price though.

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    I thought you may want to look into this if you haven’t already.

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