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Triple Coupons

As of today, Basha’s, Fry’s, Albertson’s and Safeway are all tripling coupons! Woot! Gotta love competition.

Albertsons ~ valid 11/10-11/23
Bashas ~ valid thru 11/23
Frys ~ valid 11/3-11/23 
Safeway ~ valid 11/1-12/26

All stores but Safeway triple coupons up to .33 and round coupons valued at .34 to .99 up to $1.  Safeway only triples coupons up to .33, and doubles the rest (so a .40 coupon is only worth .80 at Safeway, but $1 everywhere else). Also, many stores have limits as to how many coupons they will triple. In my experience, it all depends on the cashier (I go for the young, inexperienced ones ;)

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