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Just a reminder, the Safeway baking promotion ends tomorrow (11/9). This week the cake mix is on sale 10/$10, so it’s essentially the same deal…buy 10 and you get $10 off, so you basically only pay tax. The flour is still 2/$5, the cookies are still 2/$3, and the boxed muffin mix is still 2/$4 (with the $0.50 coupons online, you can get these for free after the promotion). The little bags of muffin mix are now on sale 10/$10, so you can also buy ten of those for free. The Wesson oil is part of the deal too, and it’s on sale for 2/$5, and with the $.30 coupon in Sunday’s paper this makes it $0.60 after the promotion.

You don’t even want to know how many boxes of cake mix and icing and cookies are currently in my kitchen. After I sort out the keepables (I won’t have to buy flour for a year, yaaaaaaaaaaay), I will be heading to the food banks. Everyone needs sugar for the holidays! ::grin::

2 Responses to “Safeway sale ends tomorrow”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I made it there yesterday. John and Hannah will have PLENTY of confetti cake to eat!!! I think I will bake a cake for the nice recycle man, Willy, who saves me all the bubble wrap & sheets of styrofoam! Love you, Mom

  2. admin says:

    Gross! That’s the one flavor I stayed away from! I can’t believe the confetti cake is Hannah’s favorite. I always knew she had terrible taste.

    And Mom, you better watch out, anyone who reads this might think I have a dumpster diving mother ;) For all they know you use the bubble wrap and styrofoam to insulate your cardboard box! haha

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