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I think I have another cavity. This would be my second cavity in my entire life, in as many years.  I’ve avoided chewing on my right side for a while now, without even realizing it. Then one day I felt a pang, and went “Ow” and then of course tried chewing with my right side again to confirm the pain. So one of my upper right molars may need a filling.

This is annoying for many reasons. First, I just got my teeth cleaned in July, so really, technically, I’m not even due at the dentist for another couple months or so. And now that I don’t have supplemental dental insurance (had to drop it when I left NC), everything comes out of my pocket. So I was hoping to extend my next visit a little bit further. I know, bad Heather, but gosh. It drives me nuts that ASU, such a big university, has such horrible provisions for their grad students. I really should get involved in the graduate organization on campus to try and fix these things.

Also, after 24 years of no cavities, I’m not liking the fact that I’m racking them up. At this rate, my mouth will be all fillings by the age of 56.

But back to the insurance thing. When I first registered this semester, I went to the health clinic to dig around for possible dental/vision insurance supplementation for graduate students. And of course, I was told that no, there was nothing available. And why wasn’t I married? Okay, so the lady didn’t ask this, but truly, being married would solve alot of my benefits/insurance/meager income problems. I was told that many of their associated opticians will provide discounts on glasses, so that’s better than nothing right? And that one dentist in the area will give a $50 discount to first time ASU patients. $50?!?!?! That’s merelya drop in the bucket compared to the price of x-rays or any major dental work these days.

This leads me to wonder, what do most graduate students who aren’t married or still on their parent’s plan do for dental insurance? (Of course, I can’t help but think that most graduate students tend to be international, at least in engineering, and are probably less worried about their dental health…)

5 Responses to “No Dental Insurance Blows”

  1. kledus says:

    I haven’t had dental insurance since I got of my parents plan. I’m looking forward to it though. I’ve been lucky with good teeth so far.

  2. admin says:

    So how do you pay for cleaning/x-rays? Out of pocket I presume…and lucky no cavities.

  3. admin says:

    And oh yeah, I’m lookin forward to you getting dental insurance for us too, hubby ;)

  4. kledus says:


    true dat

  5. kledus says:

    I paid out of pocked and prayed a lot for clean teeth.

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