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Last month I acquired 3 boxes of Playtex Sport tampons, 1 box of Tampax Pearl tampons, 12 bottles of Infusium 23 shampoo & conditioner, 1 six pack of AAA Rayovac batteries, and 1 bottle of Theraflu Warming fluid through Walgreens EasySaver deals. I actually made a profit on nearly every item, after coupons and EasySaver rebates.  I am most amazed by the Infusium. Normally, I spend a whopping $5-6 a bottle on that stuff! With the $3 coupon in the Sunday inserts and the $10 EasySaver rebate on every $20 purchased (they were on sale for 2/$10), I was paid to buy a year’s supply! Wahooo! I heart Walgreens.

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