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I’ve been tricked! Big time! My professor must think he has a really good sense of humor. I think he’s twisted. The first exam he gave us was a nightmare; he told us nothing about what to expect going into it, and I was totally unprepared for how long and grueling it was. This time around, I studied my butt off for a week. And then today, I go to class, sit down, and try to calm my nerves when the TA passes the exam out. “Sixty minutes only this time, Dr. Wang’s orders.” Crap! I couldnt even finish the last one in 75! “And it’s much longer this time too.” Double crap! He sets my copy facedown on my desk and I take a deep breath before turning it over. WHAT IS THIS? 

There before me were two measly pages, with ten multiple choice questions. Not even trick multiple choice, just straightforward questions with only one possible answer. I haven’t taken an exam that easy since middle school.

I have never been so relieved. And yet so infuriated! Why oh why did I lose sleep over this?!?!

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  1. stardo says:

    if you think on the bright side of things, at least the curve will be really high and even if you get an A you’ll still get a C. =P

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