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Lately, I have been scrutinizing some of my monthly expenses in an effort to possibly cut back and save some $$ over the course of a year. I figure every little bit helps, especially on my meager graduate stipend! One of the ways I found to save $$ was through my weekly newspaper subscription (aka couponing addiction).

Instead of renewing my subscription to the AZ republic at the standard rate of $2/week for Sunday delivery only (I only want the coupons), I took advantage of a special $1 per week promotion. You can sign up online through this link or call 602-444-4444 and use promo code BE0906. Offer expires 12/31/06. It’s supposed to be for new subscribers only, but I just waited until my subscription ran out and called them up and signed up under the promo. So I ended up paying $26 for 26 weeks. Final savings: $26 over 6 months.

I also pick up multiple copies of La Voz (a Hispanic newspaper in the Phoenix area) at school for free.  This has many of the same coupons as the Republic, and comes out every Wednesday. If I still don’t have enough coupons for a particular item I want to stock up on, then I trade with the good people at Pinching Your Pennies. For the cost of a stamp, I can usually get as many coupons as I need (of course I have to send something to trade in return).

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