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12 hours to finish this proposal. I detest my inherent procrastination. I think it’s a disease. Maybe there’s a biomarker for procrastination that we can possibly screen for? Haha, someday we’ll have biosensors for everything. When you have a kid, they’ll run their blood or saliva through a handheld device and be able to tell you if he/she will have a learning disability, mental disorder, diabetes, Alzheimers, cancer. I guess in the grand scheme of things, if all that came out was “your kid will procrastinate”, then you’d be relieved.

Ya, I’m rambling. And yes, my paper is on biosensors. I spent all weekend trying to come up with a “novel idea”, and I finally decided on incorporating biotinylated antibodies into electrospun nanofibers for the rapid, highly sensitive multianalyte detection of biotoxins (using ganglioside-bearing liposomes as signal enhancement vehicles). Whew, that’s a mouthful. There, if you ever needed proof that I actually am a chemical engineer and talk in highly geeky terms, you have it. And that is why I don’t talk about my work/school online. It’s too technical and not at all interesting to anyone else. Plus, talking about other things (my hobbies), gives me a break from all this research mumbo jumbo.

7 Responses to “D minus 12 hours and counting.”

  1. stardo says:

    do you still ride your bike to/from school, especially now that it is colder? just curious, i rode to and from intel and was so sore! i need a new seat.

  2. kledus says:

    wow…I suffer from the procrastination gene as well. i hope it isn’t passed on to my kids. If so we’re screwed. The punnett (sp?) square of death is upon us. I’d also like you to know that I totally glazed over all the big “smart” words in this post just so I don’t start to doubt your inner blonde-ness.

  3. dkem says:

    Awesome viscous post

  4. admin says:

    Figured you’d do as much :P And ya, that good ole Punnett square…Dr. Bannister-Marx was good for something, right? Besides having an extremely long name? And looking great in a wet suit?

  5. admin says:

    When I first read this in my inbox, I was all, huh? That doesn’t make sense at all. Then I saw it was you. Makes perfect sense. You fooled me by changing it up a bit (viscous vs viscosity…did you have to look that up? :P)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nope. I was sick for three weeks, and that really zapped all the energy right out of me. Not to mention, I couldn’t even breathe…that becomes a problem during exercise, I actually tried to go running once and I literally started gasping for air so bad and then I started to choke on my own phlegm, and I literally started heaving. Not a pretty site.

    And I haven’t had time to start doing it recently. Once finals are over with, I’ll finish fixing up my bike and start riding again.

  7. kledus says:

    oh…it’s MR B-M not Dr. I hate him. and thank you so much for bring up the painful memories of the wet suit. *shiver*

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