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Aaaah, Newlywed Bliss

So I signed up for a newlywed website a while back to get something free…I think it may have been a Swiffer WetJet. No swiffer yet, but, apparently they forwarded my name and address to Our Town. I’m not complaining, because I received a free welcome package in the mail today with these awesome deals in it:

  • 10 free 39 cent stamps from the UPS store
  • $10 gift certificate for ACE
  • Free full service car wash from Foothills Car Wash
  • $10 gift certificate for Charlestons Restaurant
  • 3 Free Dry Cleaning Items first and second visit, Legend Cleaners

Not bad! Especially since I’m neither a newlywed nor recentlymoved (well, it depends on what you call recent).

One Response to “Aaaah, Newlywed Bliss”

  1. kledus says:

    well…now we just have to tell the army.

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