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Encounter #1: 
I have just left the house to go to school. Out of the corner of my eye, I see my neighbor get out of his red Ford and disappear behind the shrubbery. While crossing the street, I hear the squealing of tires as a silver SUV reverses the entire length of our street and comes to a screeching halt right next to me. I unlock my car door and get inside, when a rather infuriated woman with a “wtf are you doing expression” on her face rolls down her window and yells: “Did you just get out of the car with my husband?”

It’s not everyday you’re mistaken for someone’s mistress.  

Encounter #2:
After class, a homeless guy with fly-away red hair, jarbled teeth and a wirey expression falls into stride next to me. “Have you ever had a Starbuck’s cup filled with coke and you were too full to drink it?” Ummmmm, no, I mumble as I quicken my pace to further distance myself from him. “Well that’s the state I find myself in…”

One Response to “What an absurd morning…”

  1. stardo says:

    1. i would have been all “get out of my business, bia!!!” or “yeah, and he’s not really good in bed”. something witty and invigoratingly contrary to normal expectation. i probably would have slapped her too, before she had a chance to slap me and been all “there, how do you like it? get a better husband!”

    of course if the roles were reversed i would be a man talking to another man (which wouldn’t happen because men generally don’t confront other men unless it is to catch them in the act), i would say “naww man” and cowered away afraid that he would beat me to death.

    2. meh, something like 70% of homeless people are crazy. i’m not talking about the “i lost my job i have nowhere to live zomg” i am talking about the people who haven’t had a shower in months and go through garbage cans for their daily money/food. if you had to do that all day every day for several years, competing with other homeless people, traveling different places based on the season, etc, you’d prolly go crazy too. your view of reality would be markedly different, at least. that being said, i generally either do not acknowledge homeless people or i give them whatever spare coins i have. pulling out the wallet is a no-no, if you are female and have 0 self-defense skills. yet another reason i don’t carry cash, i am too tempted to be generous with it if it is readily available.

    not saying we shouldn’t be generous to homeless people, but i would rather contribute to the united way and have them use the money for soup kitchens, non-perishables, etc, to help the homeless with some of their necessities. at least i feel i’m not throwing it away to someone’s next liquor run. it helps my conscience that i, myself, don’t spend my excess wealth on liquor runs as well.

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