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REI Garage Sale

Today we woke up early to get in line for the REI Garage Sale. If you’ve never been to one of these, it’s a biannual event where they basically mark down all their returns really cheap and pile it outside on several tables.  And then when they open, it’s a basic free-for-all for everything. Herds of people running and sifting through backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, shoes, you name it. Some people camp out overnight for these things. The only thing is that all sales are final, so you have to be absolutely sure you want something before you purchase it.

Well, I got a pretty good deal on a tent — $80 for a Sierra Designs Lightning — a lightweight 2-person backpacking tent that retails for more than $200. I actually had people offer to buy it off me after I picked it up. There is just one small hole in the rainfly, but it’s totally repairable. And I also picked up an MSR backpacking stove for $15 and a bike computer for $5. All very good deals, I’m pleased. Mark found his exact backpack (Gregory Baltoro) for $150, in mint condition. So he picked that one up and returned his original, making a profit of $60.  He’s probably the only person that made money off of REI at the garage sale. That’s Mark.

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