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I have such a terrible migraine. If I were actually speaking this, you would hear the tears in my voice, I’m sure. The pressure only gets worse when I lie down too. Today I lay in bed all day, hoping to sleep it off, but no go. This is the second time in one week that I’ve had blinding white pain. I can tell it’s bad when the pain makes me nauseous. Like a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 bad. I feel like vomit is inching its way up my throat. Gross I know.

It just seems like I’m never well. And when I hurt this bad, I just wonder how I can go on always feeling so bad? Who looks forward to a life of pain? It certainly makes me appreciate the days I can get out there and do something. But let me tell you, it really makes me down on days like today. I can’t think, I can’t eat, I can’t even sleep without it hurting! It’s hard not to dwell on the pain when it’s always flipping there.

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  1. kledus says:

    I’m sorry to hear you’re in such pain heather. If there’s anything I can do from so far away let me know. I’llbe praying

  2. stardo says:

    you know what i am thinking when i am in intense pain? i am thinking… why is it i have always had some sort of pain of some sort at all times? like right now, i have a sore on my tongue and the roof of my mouth is burned from eating scalding hot pizza. two minor things, but it’s like why can’t i have a moment in my life where nothing is hurt, everything is a-ok with my body, and i don’t feel bad in any way?

    just a rant i’ve always had. i think, though, that i just don’t notice those times that everything is good because, well, everything is good.

    i realize you are probably in far worse pain that what i am normally used to, but i’ve been in excruciating pain before so it’s not like i can’t relate.

    just my .02.

  3. admin says:

    Thank you dear david. I appreciate the kind thoughts/prayers.

  4. admin says:

    Well, as I pointed out earlier, I think those who suffer the most are in some way blessed in that they truly appreciate the times when they are not suffering. For example, up until college, I was completely ungrateful for my seemingly good health. Now every day I feel well I am thankful.

    Chronic pain is an entirely different thing than the occasional acute pain. I look at my grandfather, who has dealt with chronic pain for as long as I can remember (or longer), and I pray to God that I don’t end up in the same boat. I certainly don’t want to be addicted to pain medications or dependent on morphine for any extended period of my life. I’m only 25 — why should I be dealing with this so young? When you contemplate whether life is really worth living because there doesn’t seem to be any way out, then you know you are in true pain. I have been there. And sometimes I cry just at the thought that I could very well be there again. Or never escape for that matter.

    We all have our demons. Some are more apparent than others. Some have addictions, some have money troubles, some have lack of ambition to better themselves. Some have mental illnesses, while others have physical. *sigh* My biggest one just so happens to be pain. Muscle pain, stomach pain, ovary pain, head pain. You name it, and I have it.

    Awww, that’s enough ranting. I just figured most of the stuff I put up here is superficial. So why not say what I really am feeling every once in a while…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Darlin’, I love you! I am sorry you are in so much pain, sure wish I could take it away somehow! Praying you’ll be feeling better soon,we love you SO much! Mom & John

  6. Anonymous says:

    P.S. I can identify with EXCRUCIATING pain, but giving birth to 2 babies weighing in at 9 & 10lbs 5oz respectively, was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life, so that doesn’t count.The agony & the ecstasy! Hope you know how special you are to us all!You have always been a miracle to me!

  7. kledus says:

    ovary pain? can you tell when your ovarys hurt? interesting….don’t know how to empathize with that one. HOpe you’re feeling better today.

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