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New Cell Phone Number

It’s time for everyone to update their address books. I now have a Phoenix prefix, a year and a half after moving here! The new # is 602-769-9951. 

I wouldn’t have bothered changing my # except for the fact that Verizon has different regions, and having a number outside of the region I live in was too much of a hassle. For example, the “EZ move” process just took me over an hour on the phone. I couldn’t go to a local store, because they can’t handle accounts from a different region! Grrrr. Then, on top of that, after giving me a new number the customer service rep failed to inform me how to update my phone, so when I hung up I couldn’t make any outgoing calls from my phone. I had to spend another 30 minutes with the customer service people just to learn how to update it to the new number!

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